Please note that the order of preregistration will count to decide if your team gets access to racing @ EFC2024 in case of overbooking.


We aim @ +- 150 participating teams.


Belgian flyball is united again, all Belgian teams (+- 50 individual dog teams) are allowed to participate.


Since Belgium is closer for the UK-teams than last year’s edition we expect also some interest from across the Canal.


Do not miss the preregistration if you want to be sure of a place in the biggest international race of the year!


Official registration will follow the beginning of June 2024 and final payment date will be the 30th of June @ 24:00 h.


Late payment means that your team loses its reservation position that goes to the next team on the list.

List in order of time of registration

UK                   Wash Warriors

UK                   Aztec Warriors

UK                   Viking Warriors

HUN                Hellodogs Powerful

HUN                Hellodogs Happiness

DE                   HOT Fireflies

DE                   HOT Firestorms

DE                   Quickstep

DE                   Be Quickstep

DE                   Die Flughunde

BEL                  Red Star Fighters

BEL                  Tornado’s

BEL                  Tornado’s Fireballs

BEL                  Tornado’s Lightning

NL                   Ready 2 Rumble

DE                   Just for Fun

UK                   Barking 4 Balls

UK                   Raging 4 Balls

FR                    Stormy Paw’sitifs

FR                    Funky Stormy Z’ailés

DE                   Cool Runnings

DE                   Flyball Junkies

BEL                  The Green Angels

BEL                  The Green Ball Catchers

BEL                  The Green Chasers

BEL                  The Green Horns

FR                    Les Fly dogs Mix

FR                    Les Crazy Fly Mix

DE                   Flyball Youngsters

BEL                  Running Borders 1

BEL                  Running Borders 2

BEL                  Running Borders 3

BEL                  Running Borders 4

UK                   Cambridgeshire Canines

UK                   Cambrigdgeshire Continentals

UK                   Cambridgeshire Crusaders

UK                   Cambrigdgeshire Cosmopolitans

UK                   Elements Fire

UK                   Elements Water

FR                    Les Crazy Fly Mix

PL                    Speed Hunters Avada Kedavra

CZ                    Flyvaryors New Wave

CZ                    Flyvaryors Traditional

CZ                    Flyvaryors Kamikaze

FR                    Les Fly dogs Mix

PL                    Speed Hunters You-Know-Who

BEL                  Zentastic Six

BEL                  Zentastic Power

DE                   Touch Dogs

NL                   Holland Xpress

HUN                JokerZ BUD

HUN                JokerZ SID

HUN                JokerZ  SUN

HUN                JokerZ FUN     

HUN                JokerZ LOU

HUN                JokerZ VTN

BEL                  Jolly Jumpers

BEL                  Lucky Jumpers

BEL                  Funny Jumpers

BEL                  Dalton Jumpers

BEL                  Old Jumpers

BEL                  Bee Jumpers

BEL                  Speedforce

DE                   Fantastic Four

DE                   Fantastic Four Fighters

FR                    Les Vikings

HUN                Akela Runners

HUN                Akela 2

HUN                Akela 3

HUN                Akela 4

HUN                Akela 5

BEL                  Wizards Dream Team

BEL                  Wizards Next Generation

BEL                  De Doorzetters

BEL                  De Doorzetters Reality

DE                   Flubber-Dogz

DE                   Die Rasselbande

DE                   Die Rasselbande Rookies

PL                    Fractal International Affair

PL                    Attention Please – Fractal

PL                    Fractal VooDoo

PL                    What the Fractal

DE                   Flaming 4

PL                    Warsaw Bullets of Energy

PL                    Great Minds of Warsaw Bullets

PL                    High Hopes of Warsaw Bullets

DE                   BayernXpress I

BEL                  The Burned out Paws

DE                   Flaming 4 Hornets

DE                   Flaming 4 Gremlins

BEL                  Turbodogs New

BEL                  Turbodogs Too

BEL                  Turbodogs Gold

BEL                  Brabo Thunderdogs 1

BEL                  Brabo Thunderdogs 2

BEL                  Brabo Thunderdogs 3

DE                   The Hobbits

DE                   Hobbits Mordor

DE                   Blizzard From OS

DE                   16 Paws of Power

DE                   Paws Attack N.G.

DE                   Licher Paw Patrol

UK                   Odyssey

UK                   Odyssey Olympians

FR                    Minion’s Fly

BEL                  Roadrunners Beep Beep

BEL                  Roadrunners Coyotes

BEL                  Roadrunners Dynamite

BEL                  Roadrunners TNT

BEL                  Roadrunners Coyotes

BEL                  Roadrunners Rockets

BEL                  Roadrunners Old Birds

CZ                    Alea Tym Nadeje

CZ                    Alea Tym Snu

CZ                    Alea Nocni Mura

UK                   Tails We Win

UK                   Tails You Lose

UK                   Heads We Win

CZ                    Fofr Dog

CZ                    Fofr Dog Future

BEL                  Bandits

BEL                  Blue Bandits

PL                    Woof Once

PL                    Woof U2

PL                    Woof 3D

BEL                  The Shadows

BEL                  New Vision 1

FR                    Thermiks flydogs

PL                    Triggers Kabummmm

PL                    Triggers Soul

BEL                  The Fearless Flyers

BEL                  The Fearless Friends

BEL                  Black Brains 1

BEL                  Black Brains 2.1

BEL                  Black Brains Senior

FR                    Saulxgood

HUN                New Ballance flyball team

HUN                Bomballance flyball team

BEL                  Dragon Force

BEL                  Dragon Fire

BEL                  Dragon Fly

DE                   Die Unglaublichen

CZ                    Frenky's Funny

PL                    Ultra Fast One

PL                    Ultra High Risk

FIN                  Flying Finns Flyball Team

AUT                 The Ultimates Falcons

AUT                 The Ultimates Hawks

PL                    Blade Runners Unleashed

PL                    Roadrunners Unleashed

PL                    Dzikie Gziki

PL                    Fifne Gziki

CZ                    DumbleDogs S

CZ                    DumbleDogs G

CZ                    X-treme

CZ                    Too-Xtreme

DE                   Palzer Rennstrimp

CZ                    Lavina Alfa

CZ                    Lavina Delta

PL                    Flyvengers

IT                     Ladri di Palline

PL                    Flyvengers Hooligans

CZ                    Jokers All-In

CZ                    Furious Rockets

CZ                    Hop Trop Prague

CZ                    Hop Trop Hurricane

CZ                    Flying Rockets

DE                   Trouble Makers

CZ                    Pilsen F.A.S.T.

DE                   Cool Jumpers