EFC2024 registration and payment form is online.  

Please read and follow these instructions:  

We ask one registration and one payment pro flyball team.  

• For example, one registration and payment for Roadrunners flyball team who are joining EFC2024 with multiple dogteams.   For the registration and payment the dog and handler details are not required (there is a separate excel file for the registration of the teamdetails).


Step 1: Registration and payment of the teams (without dog or handler details) via this form. Use this to register and pay for your: • Teams • camping plots • day tent plots (only for non camping teams, for teams that have booked camping plots this service is for free). • Amount of mobile homes, caravans or tents (no extra charges – is included in the camping plots, we need this info for the safety plan)  

Step 2: For the dog details and team details a separate form is required, downloadable via our website via this link https://www.efc2024-belgium.be/efc-2024/team-details-registration-form Fill in the document and send it by mail to info@efc2024-belgium.be Same procedure - 1 document pro flyball team (for example 1 document for Roadrunners flyball team who are joining EFC2024 with multiple dogteams/jury/...)

Voluntary jury without a team can fill in the same document for the Jury details. Dog details, handler details, voluntary jury, t -shirt size jury and jury food habits are required on this document.


Size-chart for t-shirts is available in the shop on the Efc2024 Belgium website. Deadline for receipt of the registration and payment and team details form are 15/07/2024 @ midnight. Emergency dog changes will be possible as announced on the website (deadline is thursday 05/09/2024 @ 16:00 h)