Zonhoven (Dutch pronunciation Zoneve) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt.

The municipality includes the hamlets HalvewegTermolen, and Terdonk.

The flag of Zonhoven has a blue background followed by a sun with a face. However, the sun on the flag does not mean the sun, but the son that came from Sonuwe, the old name of the stream/rivulet “Zonderikbeek” that flows through the municipality of Zonhoven.


Zonderik is also the name of a local craftmans beer.

The venue of EFC2024 is located in the hamlet TERMOLEN and gives direct access to nature reserves “Molenheide” and “De Teut”.

In the national park are multiple marked hiking routes, dogs are allowed but only on the leash.

Next to the venue is a fenced hiking zone were dogs can run free/of the leash. At walking distance are some natural ponds with a zone were dogs are allowed to run free and have a swim.

For other activities/tourism in the region please visit the website www.visitlimburg.be